It’s been a while….

Dear The Mind Of A Kristine Sendy,

I apologize for taking you for granted for years….I never meant to….I have never forgotten about you….

You hold memories from when I was just a chrysalis…..enclosed, alone, probably even insecure, unsecured, uncertain….

But now as you know….

I have turned into a beautiful butterfly and I have spread my wings…..

Now I am where I am supposed to be…and will be gearing for my next goals….and the next….and the next….

until I can prove that possibilities are endless…

and that I can fly….

with  beautiful colors….

life may have been tough the past years…

but I’ve been tougher….

You know me…

So if in case you still think I have forgotten about you just because I have changed my last name, don’t fret.

And if you think that all my dreams and goals have stopped where I left off back then…you’re mistaken….

Nobody said dreams and goals should stop when circumstances change. I’m still up for the challenges ahead…

And you’re still part of it all.

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  1. hi tintin musta na? Please email me. Hope to hear from you soon:-)

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