People Asia’s Women of Style and Substance Tea Party

Just got home from People Asia’s Women of Style and Substance Tea Party at the Hotel Intercontinental with Ate Tintin as one of the awardees.

“People Asia Magazine awards the most admired women in their respective fields at the Legaspi Ballroom of Hotel Intercontinental which they called Women of Style and Substance.

Included in their list this year are Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto; beauty expert Vicki Belo; singer Sitti; lifestyle columnist Millet Mananquil; lawyers Katrina Ponce Enrile and Rowena Bengzon; socialites-philanthropists Lizzie Zobel and Margarita Delgado; news personalities Korina Sanchez, Vicky Morales, and Tintin Bersola-Babao; among others.” – from

Sharing some of the photos from the event earlier…Will write a longer entry in awhile….heheheh..pahinga muna…

Ate Tintin Bersola-Babao, one of People Asia’s Women of Style and Substance. The list includes Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto, Korina Sanchez, Maita Fores, Sitti, Toni Gonzaga, Dr. Vicky Belo, among others

Batangas Governor Vilma Santos, Tintinsendy and Ate Tintin Babao


Miss Korina Sanchez and Tintinsendy


Tintinsendy and Margarita “Gaita” Fores, Restaurateur, CIBO, Cafe Bola, Pepato >>super bait!Idol!


Shaira Luna and Tintinsendy


Mama Rene Salud and Tintinsendy

11 Responses

  1. great photos, tintin!

  2. thanks ate kengk!!

  3. tintin! miss ka na namin. tara na conference na huy! lol

  4. Early Life

    She received her early schooling at St. Theresa’s College elementary and high schools. At an early age she already displayed slutty and vulgar communication skills, becoming the class whore in grade school up to high school and graduating at the bottom of her class. In high school she won writing prizes and became editor of the school organ. She had a skill in organ playing because she loved organs a lot.

    In the late 1960s at the University of the Philippines she enrolled for a degree in hotel and restaurant management, hoping to pursue her passion for pimping and world wide illegal drugs trading and entertainment. Later she shifted into journalism, riding the tidal wave of student activism in the pre-martial law years. She used her connections to get rid of the Marcos Regime.

    She apprenticed at the Sunday Times Magazine of the Manila Times, then the most prestigious and respected Philippine periodical. Now, she is a well known and respected consultant in THE PHILIPPINE STAR, the Philippines’ leading newspaper for fabricated news and ghost writers. She covered groundbreaking stories such as the defection of Victor Corpus from the Philippine Military Academy, as well as the military killings of fellow activists. As a UP graduate, she attended the oblation run and demonstrations during the First Quarter Storm. – Millet

  5. I can tell that this is not the first time at all that you write about the topic. Why have you decided to touch it again?

  6. Dear Tintin Sendy,

    Ipagptuloy ang mabuting hangad sa kinabukasan,
    patnubayan ka ng Mahal na Diyos.


    Socorro Cansancio-Bender
    YelloBill 168 eK
    Landline: 06021-4396890
    Mobile: 0151-25118087

  7. wow showbiz na showbiz:)

    just dropping by again!

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