It’s been a while….

Dear The Mind Of A Kristine Sendy,

I apologize for taking you for granted for years….I never meant to….I have never forgotten about you….

You hold memories from when I was just a chrysalis…..enclosed, alone, probably even insecure, unsecured, uncertain….

But now as you know….

I have turned into a beautiful butterfly and I have spread my wings…..

Now I am where I am supposed to be…and will be gearing for my next goals….and the next….and the next….

until I can prove that possibilities are endless…

and that I can fly….

with  beautiful colors….

life may have been tough the past years…

but I’ve been tougher….

You know me…

So if in case you still think I have forgotten about you just because I have changed my last name, don’t fret.

And if you think that all my dreams and goals have stopped where I left off back then…you’re mistaken….

Nobody said dreams and goals should stop when circumstances change. I’m still up for the challenges ahead…

And you’re still part of it all.

Help Find Coleen Gabrido and Make Yuri’s Christmas Wish Come True!

Name: Coleen Gabrido
Missing since December 6, 2011
Family’s Contact info: 0915-9013848

Her child’s wish for Christmas is for his mommy to come home.
Please offer your prayers that a child’s wish will come true.
Please keep on sharing. This has been verified with the husband.

Details of her disappearance are as follows:
She is a registered nurse and left the house at around 1pm of December 6, 2011 for her IELTS review. The couple didn’t have any previous arguments to consider Coleen running away, they also have a 6 year old child to care for and big plans for their family The husband has reported Coleen missing to the police and she was last seen at their Project 6 home.

Before she left their house, Coleen messaged her husband at about 12:40pm on December 6 saying, “Dad, papasok na ako. (Dad, I’m going to school)”. That was the last text he received from her. The review center is just 15 minutes away from their home.

Coleen’s husband tried to contact her mobile phone upon finding that his wife hasn’t returned yet nor replied back to his messages. Her phone was still ringing in December 6 but next day, December 7 after 5pm, she can no longer be contacted.

Coleen is about 5’4″ tall with an estimated weight 120-125lbs. The young mom at 26 had with her, her Nine West black shoulder bag, mobile phone, books and wallet. She did not leave their house with any extra clothing to dispute thoughts that she might have run away.

From her review class, Coleen usually arrives at around 10-10:30pm but she did not get to come home since the night of December 6, 2011.

Please refrain from posting needless comments, Coleen’s child can already read and unguarded words can do more damage than good.

After 3 years and 8 months, Finally A Good News About Dr. Mary Joy Duroy’s Case

Finally, after 3 years and 8 months of painful waiting, I finally heard what we’ve all been praying to hear all these years!

The suspect in the brutal murder of our dearest friend, Dr. Mary Joy Duroy in January 2008 is now finally behind bars! Joy’s mother, Tita Cora told me in a message on Facebook on October 20, 2011 that the suspect has been behind bars since September 9 and that day was the scheduled 2nd hearing in Lipa City. The next hearing will be on November 10. The suspect has also been kicked out of the military.

The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC),  a non-stock, non-profit non-government organization (NGO) which envisions a relatively crime-free and corruption-free Philippines is helping the family regarding Dr. Joy’s case. It aims:

  1. to eradicate criminality and corrupt practices
  2. to assist victims and
  3. to work for the improvement of the criminal justice system.

Let us keep praying for Dr. Mary Joy Duroy…..

Let us help Dr. Mary Joy and her family and loved ones finally attain justice!

Justice for Mary Joy!


Kinder St. Vincent, Canossa Academy, Lipa CIty Batch 1986

Kinder St. Vincent, 1986
Sr. Belen, Miss Cuna, Tintin, Doris, Mary Joy, Sharmila, Baby ShierylCanossa Academy Lipa City Grade 5 St. Mark 1991
Grade 5, St. Mark, 1991
Mary Joy Duroy, GradeSchoola Canossa Lipa Batch 1992
Canossa Academy, Lipa City, Grade 6,  Batch 1992  (thanks Neil Cantor for the photo)

Mary Joy Duroy, De La Salle Lipa High School Batch 1996

De La Salle Lipa High School,  Batch 1996 (thanks Neil Cantor for the photo)

Mary Joy M. Duroy

Dr. Mary Joy M. Duroy (photo courtesy of ABS-CBN)

Charity Begins At Home

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Check them out at Charities Charities

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